Agritubel, agricultural supplier of cattle and equine breeding equipment in Loudun (86)

Development and growth of your livestock equipment manufacturer, Agritubel at Loudun (Vienne region)

Thanks to its innovative production of livestock equipment, Agritubel, based at Loudun in theVienne region, rapidly became one of the leading european manufacturer it occupies on the European market today.

Agritubel: the innovator in tubular livestock equipment

In almost 30 years, Agritubel has become one of the leading european in tubular livestock equipment. Agritubel products are marketed on all 5 continents. This success is due to the permanent spirit of innovation and development which drives all our technical and sales teams.

The constant quest to achieve optimum efficiency has led the company to create the most effective systems on the market in terms of safety, resistance and comfort for both the herd and the farmer. Agritubel concentrates ultra-modern production facilities on its 10-hectare site, 4 hectares of which are covered, guaranteeing very high quality products.

Agritubel innovates, moving livestock farming forward.

From designing the prototypes to production of our products on robotised production tools, followed by inspection and testing right up to the finish process in a hot galvanising unit, Agritubel is reactive to the constant developments in modern livestock farming.

Through its worldwide network of dealers and customers, Agritubel offers farmers around the world a wide range of standard or custom-built equipment offering new solutions for more effective farming in complete safety.