The markets covered by your livestock equipment supplier, Agritubel, at Loudun (Vienne region)

Technology used by your livestock equipment manufacturer and seller, Agritubel at Loudun (86)

Find out all about the production process used by your livestock equipment manufacturer, Agritubel based at Loudun in the Vienne region.

Commitment to quality!

To continually improve our products and meet the obvious economic constraints we must constantly update our production facilities. Quantitative and qualitative aspects are linked at all stages of manufacture.

For these reasons, we conduct numerous inspections during production. They are performed by qualified staff who are specially trained for these tasks.

When new products are developed, specific inspections are performed, particularly during product manufacture, finishing and shipment.


An initial inspection takes place on acceptance of the tubes by our company in Loudun to ensure they comply with the specifications.

Then various inspections are performed to check the quality of the work on these tubes :

  • cutting ;
  • bending ;
  • welding, etc.

Only batches that pass these inspections are accepted for the second part of the process.

Finishing and shipment

As galvanising is part of our production unit, particular attention is paid to its inspection (zinc thickness, etc.).

Before shipment, each customer has its equipment inspected three more times during assembly, preparation and loading. Agritubel’s commitment to quality, designed to satisfy all our customers.