Handling equipment

Handling equipment products are designed to restrain a cow or a group of animals for veterinary intervention, to shear, identify or sort animals and to load or unload them. The main goal is to ensure appropriate safety, security for the cows and breeders with efficiency too.

Fixed cattle handling is composed of fixed or adjustable corridors in different lengths with hydraulic or pneumatic control.

To take the animals inside the corridor you can use a 180-degree cattle forcing circle, well adapted to our different traffic corridors or with a manual or electric cow crowd gate TITAN in different sizes. The side walls can be made with sheet metal panels or gates in different lengths or with 6 tube panels and gates too.

A full range of accessories of posts, clamps and brackets specifically dedicated to these products will supply everything you need for your stable.

For lighter care and handling of farm animals (e.g. to move a small herd from A to B or load a few animals in a cattle truck…) you can count on our range of mobile handling panel or gate systems, which are easy to install or remove.